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S-Type battery woes - a possible solution

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Hi John,

I connect my  CTEK directly to the battery, and unfortunately I do not have a link or brand model to the auxiliary socket as it is fitted on the wall and the brand is on the back.



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G,day everyone,

Thanks for all your valuable comments, got a small (I hope) problem with my 2004 S type in that DSC lite came up, then ALL lites came up and  went into limp mode (the jag, not me), charged up the battery and all ok, till 2 days later, battery showed "needs charging," although stars and runs fine ???? I put the car on a Solar charger (about 5watts) when coming to Pommy land each year and all ok. Great forum and advice..... Pommy Pete (Expat from Didcot)

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possible tired battery or alternator not charging

have you checked battery voltage when stood and running

when stood , should never go below 12volts, if it does battery duff, when running should be around 14v plus,any less alternator duff



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Recently I solved a water leak from the pipe union between the expansion tank and water hose. This was dropping coolant and in turn causing the alternator to become soaked. If the windings are wet then sparking will occur and the charge output will drop. Now the engine bay is dry again I noticed the battery charge has improved and I can put off buying a new battery for the time being. 

I really think s-type owners should check around the top of the radiator and the fan housing for any sign of water and if found deal with it, this is particularly relevant to charging issues.

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On 1/23/2018 at 12:17 PM, piria33 said:


Other issue I had was removing the retaining bolt of course. copious amount of wd40 under the car and an 1/8th of a turn at a time. 1/8 turn and 2 turns back repeated about 100 times!! Finally came loose.

Then after reinstalling I applied lots of lithium grease underneath.

When I took on my S-Type there was no sign of the long bolt which holds the battery in, just a rusty stub sticking out underneath and a Halfords receipt for a new battery with the documents. The battery was 'held' in place by a daisy chain of cable-ties. This looked like a potential MoT fail to me.

Not having seen the system as it should be, I drilled and tapped the remains of the captive bolt in the boot floor and put a new 1.5" long bolt in from underneath. Now the plastic battery retaining block is held by a nylok nut and the threads are inside the boot. So the bolt head can rust all it likes under the boot floor, I won't be touching it again for the life of the car.

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My 2005 2.7D had various probs with the electronic brake and the odd ABS warning and a couple of others too. Finally flat battery after leaving the car sitting for 4/5 days.

Bought a new battery, no starting probs  but a weekly parking brake block, flash of ABS too. I removed the short - battery lead, cleaned the connections to the battery and body. Soldered the cable to the terminal at each end and refitted the cable. after 6 months I have had no more parking brake problems or any flashes at all on the screen when starting. The quality of the battery connections cannot be over emphasised on these cars.

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