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Hi to all - new XF owner signing up


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Hello everyone. I've just bought my first Jaguar - a 2012 XF 3.0DS Portfolio. I'm only 48 hours in and very much still trying to adjust after several years in a Lexus LS430. Obviously the Jag is a slightly different prospect. Mostly a very quick and brilliantly-handling prospect.

Anyway here it is. Bought from Stratstone with 47K on and in overall lovely fettle. So far I've had eight different neighbours stop by my house to tell me how good it looks, and I'm still nipping over to the window regularly to stare at it on the drive, sad sack that I am :)




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Hi J, and welcome to the Club from someone not too far away.

Lovely colours inside and out as far as I am concerned. I also had an XF 3.0DS Portfolio, and loved it: Only sold when I retired and my mileage no longer suited the diesel!

Enjoy both your Jaguar and the Club!

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Welcome to the club, J.

I had an x type that colour, with barley leather  interior.   The interior on your car looks great.

The roadholding on the XF is inherited from the S Type and you will enjoy the drive on the XF.



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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

I took the car back to the dealer today for a pre-arranged visit to refurb a scuffed alloy. Whilst at the wheel place someone drove into it.

It needs a new front bumper. FFS...


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