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Restricted performance when accelerating - intermittent.


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Hi Gary,

As I thought the DPF was part of the problem.  Luckily I had thought of the EGR valves as was said by the AA engineer .  I though that the cost would have been about £275, but my mechanic took my car and came up with a different answer which saved the EGR replacement.

His solution was to clean the whole exhaust and he had a mechanic friend who could do the work and de did for £180,  My s type is now as smooth as ever!

Regards, Peter. 

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Yes, looking over the service record I realised that for the last few years the car had only done limited mileage, so obviously very unlikely to have done any long runs and definitely not regularly, so the question really answered itself at that point. Most likely ash build up rather than soot, which is why I prefer the flushing technique to get it cleaned out, and the procedure does come with a 12 month warranty.

As such it makes a lot more sense to get the whole thing done properly, and I'll know everything has been checked over and put right if needs be, which should mean no more related issues.

Price includes making sure the turbo is clean and clear and operating as it should, full DPF clean, check EGR valves and heater plugs, and fuel filter so I think that's not bad. It's worth it for the peace of mind alone and it's not as if it's something that's going to have to be done regularly. 

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DPF removed and cleaned using by these guys -  Blocked DPF Cleaning Service, the UKs fastest & most effective - UK DPF - who as I mentioned happen to be just a mile away from me. Total cost was £189 + VAT (£!49 clean, £40 removal and refit) which, given that it restores the DPF to as good as new and is a guaranteed job, I'm more than happy with. 

Actual bill was higher as I had the car serviced as well as the last 3-4 services only seem to be oil/filter changes. Goes like a rocket now, and no errors whatsoever. 

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Exactly, and knowing now that aspect of it is nearly as good as new gives a lot of peace of mind. It's far more enjoyable to drive now, breathes as it should and is super smooth. 

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