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Start/Stop not working!


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The start stop function on any car is reliant on the main engine battery being completely charged, so if it is not working i would charge it and test again or have the battery condition checked. You might find the battery is getting weak.. 

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When I got my 2015 XF the stop/start did not work. I took it back to the dealer and they rectified the problem. It wasnt  a problem with the main battery as this was new when I bought the car.  The dealer replaced something called a gateway so you will need to take it into a jag specialist or dealer to get it rectified.  I dont know what this will  cost though as I had my work done under warranty - being a jag it wont be cheap!    Personally I dont like the stop/start function and I always turn mine off.   Keep us posted on how you get on.  Good luck.

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Hi Ian ,

Had the same problem with my 2.0D XF R sport.

Found i could charge the battery on lihgt charge for 24hrs, and start stop would work for a few days and then stop again.

i would then repeat the charging process and the same would happen again!

i then decided to check the alternator output, !  14.8 volts no load,and remaining at 14.8 volts fully loaded. (no fault here then)

Concluded it must be a tired battery! (coming up for 4 years old and 130,000 miles) , have changed the battery and the car is now working as it should.

There are numerous posts regarding stop start problems, most sorted with a battery change.

Its allso worth mentioning that the car started faultlessly with the old battery , and no other noticeable faults.

Could be worth getting a load test at local battery supplier., good luck.


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My XF is the same start/stop has never worked, the dealer checked the charge in the Battery and it was only 75% and they said it needs to be at least 85% for the start/Stop to work and they left it at that.

So i've kept at them to get it sorted, so i can't wait for Monday the 9th of December to come and they want the car over night to charge the battery and then we'll see what they say because i think they are not wanting to fit a new one and i can see why having looked at the Cost off these AGM Batteries.

I've a friend with an XE and he had to get a new battery and his start/Stop work's perfectly even within 2 or 3 minutes of leaving his house.

Regards Tom.

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I drove the car into the Ford garage on Monday and left it with with them as they were going to charge the battery overnight, well i get a phone call on Tuesday

saying that the Start/Stop is still not working.

I left the car with them for another day as the weather was horrendous 4 lorries getting blown over and one landing on a police car on the A1 road.

So i get a phone call on the Wednesday and telling me that they've fitted a New Battery with a rating of  95AH  850A compared to the Jaguar battery with a rating  of 80AH  800A

and everything is working at the moment.

Regards Tom.


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Hi All,

New to this forum and have just got my first jag. Had a merc before and must say glad I got the XF.

I have had the issue with the start/stop since i got the car and the dealer mentioned the possibility of a  faulty battery.  They have replaced it since then with a 95Ah   850A. They said that the secondary smaller battery was only 75% charged and therefore they had charged it further. Since then I took it for a very long run and still the start/stop doesnt work.☹️

Looks like a return visit to the dealer.  I have read suggestions of resetting the ECU/CPU by removing the -ve terminal and touching it to the +ve.

Has anyone tried this suggestions?

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